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Voluntary benefits - VB Buzz #7

Posted by Ian Burt on Jan 6, 2017 3:19:14 PM

In my last blog we talked about making the leap to paperless enrollments (click here to read VB Buzz issue 6).  To help make that transition easier brings us to our third “extra” value that the right agency and voluntary benefit carrier can bring to you

You and your human resource department do a terrific job each year coming up with the best program you can offer to your employees.  Sometimes that means making some significant changes in your carriers, plan design, and cost share.  How much fun is it to then be expected to be the expert in all facets of your benefit package, and have to answer questions that your employees have?

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Kapnick featured in sponsor spotlight

Posted by Robin Keith on Jan 4, 2017 9:39:40 AM

Kapnick was recently featured in a local Ann Arbor magazine. The result—a very nice article highlighting the history, Ufer connection, community involvement, corporate culture and values of Kapnick Insurance Group.

A really good read! See below for the full article.


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how can you prevent workplace injuries?

Posted by kapnick on Dec 21, 2016 10:52:05 AM

Workplace injuries are a significant risk for any business, and they can be incredibly costly in medical bills, workers’ compensation costs, lost productivity and increased insurance premiums. You likely have safety protocols to help prevent on-the-job accidents, but another type of injury could be just as costly.

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6 STeps: Manage Construction Defect Risks

Posted by kapnick on Dec 15, 2016 2:40:21 PM

The rapid advancement of industry practices and the threat of litigation give contractors little choice but to approach construction projects with valuable strategies to limit risk. With the right insurer on your side, you can help minimize construction defect pitfalls.

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Legalized marijuana and your educational institution

Posted by kapnick on Dec 15, 2016 10:05:38 AM

In this blog we will highlight what Paul L. Bittner, partner and vice chair of the Labor and Employment Group at Ice Miller discusses in his 13 page document about the impact of legalized
marijuana and your Workplace.

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Workplace Impacts of Marijuana Legalization

Posted by kapnick on Dec 7, 2016 9:24:15 AM

In this blog we will highlight what Paul L. Bittner, partner and vice chair of the Labor and Employment Group at Ice Miller discusses in his 13 page document about the impact of legalized
marijuana and your business.

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Focus: Distracted Driving

Posted by kapnick on Dec 1, 2016 11:30:55 AM

For millions of people, the road is an extension of their office. With remarkable advancements in mobile technology, it’s become easier than ever to stay connected to clients or the home office. However, it can be extremely dangerous if you or your employees are driving distracted.

Businesses that have employees who travel should have a distracted driving policy in place.

It’s estimated that nearly 75% of companies have a policy in place. Do you?
Here are some key guidelines to help revamp a policy or implement a new one.

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Play it safe - prevent cooking fires

Posted by kapnick on Nov 17, 2016 3:02:11 PM

The holidays are upon on us, and firefighters say that the greatest number of home cooking fires occur on Thanksgiving Day, which is only 1 week away! As a property management company you literally have hundreds or even thousands of home kitchens preparing holiday meals on the same day at or around the same time.

Some of the top causes are:

8% - accidentally left cooking equipment on

9% - product misuse

10% - heat source too close to flammable materials

11% - abandoned material

28% - other

34% - unattended equipment



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Avoid Slips and Falls this Winter

Posted by Kapnick Insurance Group on Nov 14, 2016 3:38:18 PM


According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), falls claim around 12,000 lives and result in more than 30,000 disabling injuries each year. Keep in mind, those numbers don't even take into account the number of minor injuries caused by slips, trips and falls annually.

In many parts of the country, harsh rain and severe winter weather will sharply increase the risk. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, 80 percent of slips happen on wet floors. That's why it's critical to help keep walking surfaces clear and dry.

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OSHA Final Rule on Electronic Reporting

Posted by Kapnick Insurance Group on Nov 3, 2016 10:45:25 AM

On May 12, 2016, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a final rule requiring certain employers to electronically submit data from their work-related injury records to OSHA. The final rule also solidifies employee anti-retaliation protections for reporting work-related injuries and illnesses.
The final rule becomes effective on Jan. 1, 2017, but compliance with anti-retaliation provisions and reporting deadlines will be phased in through 2019.
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