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Safety on the Farm - Grain Handling and Storage

Posted by kapnick on Jul 13, 2015 10:49:00 AM

There are numerous safety and health hazards associated with grain handling operations.

One of these hazards is suffocation and or entrapment. Suffocation in grain bins usually occurs when a person is buried while the bin is being emptied. Flowing grain can quickly submerge a worker and cause suffocation.

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7 Ways to avoid suffocation or entrapment: 

  1. Before working in a grain bin, always turn off the power and use lockout/tagout procedures to ensure there is
  2. Never allow people in or around the grain bins during the processes of filling or emptying the bins.
  3. no stored energy in any machinery.
  4. Prohibit walking down on grain to make it flow.
  5. Unstable grain may avalanche when dislodged or disturbed so be wary of steep piles.
  6. Always use caution when working around surface crusts; the crust can collapse, and one can become entrapped in the grain.
  7. Anyone entering the bin must have either a body harness with a lifeline or a boatswain’s chair. Ensure that both are secured when used.
  8. Use an observer stationed outside the bin, silo, or tank being entered. Someone who is equipped to provide assistance:

  • Do not rely solely on one person outside a grain bin to assist one person inside the bin.
  • Rescue of a worker inside the bin may require at least two workers outside the bin.
  • Communications (visual, voice, or signal line) shall be maintained between the observer and employee entering the bin, silo, or tank.
  • Be aware that machinery noise can interfere with communication between co-workers.


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