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kapnick Strive® + School Districts

Posted by Kapnick Insurance Group on Oct 11, 2016 1:45:21 PM

Kapnick strive® + School Districts

Schools in the United States employ more than 8 million people. We entrust this large workforce with one of the nation’s most critical functions — preparing our youth to become successful and productive citizens. School districts are like businesses in the private sector when it comes to employee-related expenses: they must pay for employee absenteeism, healthcare costs, workers’ compensation, lost productivity and disability. Employee wellness programs, like Kapnick strive®, directly affect each of these employee-related costs.

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Growing Concerns About Class Size

Posted by Kapnick Insurance Group on Sep 13, 2016 2:15:54 PM

Adding Up the Benefits of Smaller Class Sizes

As tighter budgets continue to be the norm at the state and local level, classrooms all over the country continue
to burst at the seams at an alarming rate. While many lawmakers have argued that class size doesn’t matter, the
evidence supporting smaller classrooms is staggering.

"According to data provided by the
National Center for Education Statistics,
the average class size in Michigan is
18 students per 1 teacher."

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Topics: Industry Focus - Education