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make the leap to paperless enrollments - VB Buzz #6

Posted by Ian Burt on Jan 6, 2017 3:22:44 PM

Last time we discussed how to use a voluntary benefit carrier to help provide consolidated billing (click here to read VB Buzz issue 5)

Let’s move to that pile of paperwork from this year’s open enrollment.  Now that everyone has turned in their enrollment packets (everyone HAS turned them in, right?), you or your staff can dive through them, make sure they are all filled out completely and legibly, make sure there aren’t any selections that have been missed, consolidate those forms on to the carrier’s spreadsheet, and send them off to the various companies. 


Finally, your work is complete, until the carriers start to reach out to you again, asking for so-and-so’s beneficiary information, or “what’s that person’s birthdate?”  What if you could put all that paperwork aside?  Imagine how smoothly it would go at open enrollment if all you had to do was push a button, and the carrier spreadsheets were completely and properly filled out?  You can. 

Many of the preferred voluntary carriers provide, free of charge, online enrollment platforms, or even platforms with leave-behind benefit-administration platforms, where you can have your entire enrollment take place electronically.  Wouldn’t this simplify the process for you?  How much time, and thus valuable resources, would this save for you?

Talk with your Kapnick client executive to get more details.

Oh, I know.  “But, your employees prefer paper.”  Really?  Do you actually mean your HR prefers paper, because that’s what they’re used to?  Then help make the process simpler, and more rewarding.  Finally get that ROI on your benefit package that you’ve been looking for.

“How is that,” you may ask?  Check out my next blog to see how this all ties together.


Ian Burt

Voluntary Benefit Specialist, Kapnick Insurance Group





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